Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Afford An Attorney?

Most attorneys charge you on an hourly basis and often require a hefty retainer of several thousands of dollars before they agree to represent you.  If you have been injured by the carelessness of another you may be disabled, unable to work with medical bills piling up.  Your finances are stretched to the limit and you cannot afford to pay an attorney his retainer or his hourly rate.  To overcome this obstacle to obtaining full and fair compensation, you can hire David on a contingency basis.  A contingency attorney fee is where the attorney’s fee is calculated on a percentage of the settlement or verdict.  Many contingency fee arrangements in personal injury cases charge one–third ( 33.33%) of the settlement or verdict.  The primary advantages of contingency fees are you do not have to pay the attorney fees until the end of the case, and in the unlikely event the case fails to produce a settlement or positive verdict, then your attorney fees will be zero.


How Expensive Is It To Find Out If I Have A Good Case?

David would be glad to meet with you for up to an hour without charge.  You can tell David about the case and David can give you a general idea whether you have a legitimate claim and whether it’s the type of claim that warrants the involvement of a lawyer.


How Soon Should I Consult An Attorney?

As soon as possible.  The insurance company knows the law and that their best opportunity to take advantage of you is before you know your rights after consulting with an attorney.  You do not necessarily need to hire an attorney immediately, but it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of what you are up against before dealing with an insurance company.


How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Case?

With some exceptions, it is best to wait until you have finished your medical treatment before you settle because most physicians are reluctant to provide a future prognosis until they have completed their treatment.  Often, until your physician completes their treatment, they will not know whether you will have a permanent problem and how that problem will affect your life in the future.  Most insurance companies will assume you will make the most favorable recovery from your injuries unless your physician tells them otherwise.  The value of your personal injury claim most likely will be substantially more if you have a permanent injury confirmed by your physician.

Once you finish your treatment it usually takes about a month to complete and send a settlement package with an offer to the insurance company.  Settlement negotiations vary greatly with each case, but typically it takes one to three months after the insurance company is given your settlement proposal to get the best offer for your claim.  If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful requiring you to file your lawsuit with the court, most trials occur within six to eighteen months after the lawsuit is filed.  Even if a lawsuit is filed the chances are it will not be tried.  Only about ten percent of personal injury claims are tried, the rest settle.


Will David Nordeen Work On My Case?

David’s law office consists of himself and his legal assistant, Heather Crumbaker.  David does all the lawyer work on his cases and Heather takes care of the rest.  Unlike some large law firms you will not be handed off to an inexperienced associate, David will be your attorney from start to finish.


I was injured in Oregon, Not Washington.  Can David Help Me?

David is a member of the Washington and Oregon Bar Associations and can handle cases in both states.


How Do I get My Medical Bills Paid Pending Settlement?

You may have two or more sources of insurance to pay your medical bills.  If you have personal injury protection coverage through your automobile insurance, commonly called PIP, it will pay your reasonable and necessary medical bills for at least one year and up to $10,000.  You may have significantly more PIP money benefits under your automobile insurance policy.  In addition if you have health insurance it may also pay your medical bills once your PIP coverage is used up.  If you have neither PIP nor health insurance some medical health professionals may be willing to wait for payment if you are willing to assign them monies you may received from the careless person’s insurance company after settlement or a verdict is obtained.  David can find out if an assignment of future insurance monies is possible.   If you owe medical bills David and his staff can contact your physician’s accounting office and see if low monthly payments can be made pending resolution of your personal injury claim with the careless person’s automobile insurance company.


Does David Nordeen handle other types of legal cases?

David has been involved in hundred of cases representing people whose insurance companies refuse to pay or cover losses even though premiums have been paid for insurance coverage.  If your insurance company has failed to pay or cover a legitimate claim or loss they have probably committed bad faith, and in addition to being reimbursed for the loss or claim the insurance company should have paid, your insurance company may be responsible to pay your attorney fees, legal costs and even triple damages.

As a former deputy prosecutor, David can defend you against traffic crimes such as driving under the influence, reckless and negligent driving and driving with a suspended license.  David also handles traffic tickets and infractions like speeding.

David has tried several meretricious relationship cases.  Meretricious relationships cases involve property disputes between a couple who have resided together for some time in a marital like relationship, but without a marriage license.

David has experience in elder abuse matters.